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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Religious Monuments

Whenever I come upon a religious monument, my legs would stop moving, spontaneously. I don't know why. I always find myself being drawn to these spiritual sites. They are such a peaceful and majestic sight to behold. Their architecture and uniqueness are simply ineffable. The power of spirituality draws a cloak over each of these monuments which makes them exude an aura that's distinct from the rest. Every religion has its own places of worship. Christianity has its churches and spires. Islam has its mosques and minarets. Hinduism and Buddhism have their temples and monasteries. Judaism has its synagogues. Each of them is distinctive and unique in its own way. They are the masterpieces of individuals who are inspired by the transcendental powers of the omniscient Almighty and are prompted to leave the imprints of their beliefs on this colourful world.

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