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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Dilemma: Which one 2 pick?

I've been looking for a decent mobile phone since May 2005. Well, I admit it's very hard to choose one as new mobile phones with improved and upgraded technology and functionality keep on being announced by manufacturers and popping up before my very eyes. Whenever I've in my mind the phone that I'm going for, my initial decision will get dumped instantly after I've been told that the manufacturers are going to release a new line-up of mobiles. This situation goes on till now. As a reminder, it's November now. It's been 6 months since I've been seeking for a mobile phone. Some of my friends had even told me that I wouldn't get one eventually since I'm so keen on following the latest trends in mobile-phones technology. That's why I'm still waiting and waiting and waiting for a perfect phone to arrive. Nah... It won't arrive, since nothing's perfect in this world. Another factor that concerns me the most is the price. I'm praying that the price of my dream phone will fall within my budget.

I've narrowed my list and it's now down to 2 --- Nokia N80 vs Sony Ericsson W900i.

Nokia N80 Sony Ericsson W900i

Aren't they simply gorgeous in black? Both of them look equally tempting, sleek and very sexy. The former has incorporated a 3-megapixel camera while the latter is complemented by a 2-megapixel camera with auto focus. Since both mobiles are categorized as 3G phones, their 3G capability is optimized and maximized with an integrated frontal secondary VGA camera for easy video-calling. N80 is a smartphone operating on Symbian version 9.1 which enables endless application installation while W900i is a fantastic music-orientated phone under the world-renowned Sony Walkman brand. N80's high resolution screen (352 x 416 pixels, similar to N90) is one of the most enticing features it has to offer. The display is definitely a feast to my eyes and I'm very sure that it's going to provide me with ultimate visual enjoyment. W900i's bundled superior earphones are very impressive indeed. What's more, it now comes with a LCD screen, and that simply takes my breath away. W900i's whopping internal memory (470 MB) also gives this mobile an extra point.

Ain't it hard to make a choice between these 2? The only thing that I can do is to wait for someone to make a review on these 2 great mobiles. Last but not least, the price must be logical too (hopefully though... since both of them offer such amazing features and functionality)!

P/S: I hope that I won't change my mind when new phones with greater functionality are coming up again, though I really doubt about my endurance. If not, I'll definitely end up waiting like this forever!

1 comment:

^||DaReDeviL||^ said...

omg... after reading your post bout both the phones now i'm the one in dilemma! but i'm sure both the phones are really expensive.. nvm then.. i'll stick to SE k750i then.. thinking to get it in a few days