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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Cold War

I've sent my dad to Coventry for more than one month. That's right, my very own DAD! Weird but true. I've been avoiding having conversations with him since October 27th (Thursday), a pretty eventful day which is still fresh in my mind. Don't ask me why. I'm not gonna talk about what had actually happened that very day. My mood was down for a few nights since that day. My dad has tried to talk to me but I refused to chat any longer with him. I've even replaced my 'YES' with a nod and 'NO' with a shake of my head. I try every feasible method to avoid conversing with him. Sometimes this has been torturous. My dad keeps on buying me lunch with dishes that I dislike to eat. Well, I admit that I'm very fussy about my food, and my parents even have headaches in buying me food. Due to my stubbornness and my refusal to speak to him, the only method that my rusty mind could think of is to gulp my food grudgingly down my throat. Gosh... I really can't imagine I'm doing this every now and then! But who's to blame? Is it me... Or my dad?

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jamal said...

Sometimes you have to do these things... i have in the past too. Problem is that it wont change him as silence allows him to avoid the issues too. Better then silence, is to meet it head on and discuss it. If he wont listen of come round, then you let him know that you are in disagreement and therefore will have at little to do with him as possible as he obviuosly doesnt listen to u or understand u, or respect you. Nevertheless, you will talk to him but tell him not to expact any friendship or respect until he offers the same to you.